My Unhealthy Obsession with HRH the Anti-Christ 666

My Unhealthy Obsession with HRH the Anti-Christ 666

Gabrielle Abell


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I’ve been in love with HRH since I was eight years old. I prayed to Jesus every night that he would be my husband one day. Little did I know that he was the Anti-Christ until the Apostolic pastor who would preach on the nightclub strip revealed it to us. I was afraid but loved him. I prayed for the Anti-Christ but was molested by a paedophile instead. That paedophile was named Phantom and he ruled Belial. Belial is where I lived. I wanted to escape Phantom so desperately. I prayed and my prayers were unanswered until my friends in Navajo Nation helped me get across the portal through the Lukachukai Mountains. In the Lukachukai Mountains there was a waterfall portal called “Water is Life” where one can escape to the land of Eleutheria. Eleutheria is where His Royal Highness (HRH) lives. I hope one day I can meet him. I hope one day he loves me and fights against Phantom and rescues me from Phantom’s rule. I hope Jesus forgives me for my unhealthy obsession with the Anti-Christ.


Gabrielle Abell:
Gabrielle Abell was born in Washington D.C. area and lived there for 17 years. She considers herself a Virginia girl, even though she lives in Florida currently. She has written stories as long as she can remember. Her sisters would sit in front of her in awe, listening to them as little children. She has always wanted to write stories, bringing them to life in a way that this harsh, real world would be non-existent. She lived a difficult life as a young mom but persevered, accomplishing a master’s degree in English and creative writing. She hopes to enable young girls who had a similar past to become everything they want to be. This fantasy/fiction erotica novel is a continuation from my memoir, Rose Coloured Glasses.