Brighton Schlock

Brighton Schlock

Horror, Intrigue and Romance - Tales, Greater and Lesser, from Sodom-on-Sea

Merryman Downes


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What happens when a biker drag queen uncovers an evil trafficking plot, with the help of his dominatrix side-kick from the flat downstairs; a certain type of wart invades a hospital ward; your teenage GBF turns out to be related to you; shredding machines and other devices take on a life of their own; and horny gargoyles abseil into cocktail parties – all in one of the nation’s most louche hotspots? And just who are these two young boys, skulking through many of the tales? With shared locales and dramatis personae, Merryman Downes’ Brighton Schlock is a fast-paced, surreal, happy, sexy, sad, and ultimately tender suite of interrelated tales where intrigue, horror and seemingly magical occurrences affect the well weird residents and enclaves of Sodom-on-Sea – or Brighton, as those of us who love it, call it. Oh – and did anybody mention the astral body-snatching?


Merryman Downes:
Merryman Downes is a Paris born author of shared Irish descent. A long-term Brighton (or, whisper it, Hove, actually) resident, who came on a short visit – and stayed. This happens a lot, apparently. Merry juggles careers as a writer, linguist and television actor, with occasional sides of university teaching to alleviate the gloom of the other profiles and vice-versa. Merry is married, and a keen gardener.