Recent Trends in Financial Engineering

Recent Trends in Financial Engineering

Towards More Sustainable Social Impact


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This book is a good collection of state-of-the-art approaches to financial engineering. It will be especially useful to new researchers and practitioners working in this field and will help them to quickly grasp the current state of financial engineering. The book equips the readers with comprehensive understanding of technological issues and financial innovations in environmental and social matters. It will allow the readers to use new econometric and operational methods to examine certain innovative products. Finally, it proposes new operational solutions based on a framework of analysis that has not yet been explored, so that the dialogue between financial engineering professionals and company managers may be more efficient, effective and impactful.


  • Financial Engineering and Innovation:
    • Evaluation of Innovation in EU Member States: A Multi-Dimensional Approach (Eleni Androulidaki, Michalis Doumpos, and Constantin Zopounidis)
    • Reward-Based Crowdfunding: A Key Component in Development and Funding Strategies (Véronique Bessière and Eric Stéphany)
    • CDS Approximation Accuracy Improvement with Cart and Random Forest Algorithms Based on a Time Span Including the COVID-19 Pandemic Period (Mathieu Mercadier)
  • Issues in Financial Engineering:
    • Green Bond Market vs. Carbon Market in Europe: Two Different Trajectories but Some Complementarities (Yves Rannou, Pascal Barneto, and Mohamed Amine Boutabba)
    • Innovative Public Sustainability-Oriented Financial Mechanisms: The Case of Social Impact Bonds (Vincenzo Buffa and Benjamin Le Pendeven)
    • A Multi-Criteria Comparison of Financial Performance between Sustainable and Non-Sustainable Companies (Marianna Eskantar, Michalis Doumpos, Aggeliki Liadaki, and Constantin Zopounidis)
  • Reflections About Financial Engineering:
    • Transformations in Shareholder Activism: Past, Present, and Future (Carine Girard-Guerraud, Jennifer Goodman, and Céline Louche)
    • Ethics of the Sharing Economy: The Example of Reward- and Equity-Based Crowdfunding (Sandrine Frémeaux and Carine Girard-Guerraud)
    • Measuring, Accounting, and Reporting Impact (Delphine Gibassier)

Readership: For researchers and practitioners working in the fields of corporate and market finance who would like to quickly grasp the current state of financial engineering.

Key Features:

  • This book proposes several avenues for combining financial innovations with current financial engineering topics that focus on environmental, social, governance issues and impact investing
  • The book will also play an important role in improving the understanding of the contemporary environment to a great extent. Researchers and practitioners working in the field areas of corporate and market finance will benefit greatly