Challenges in Estuarine and Coastal Science

Challenges in Estuarine and Coastal Science

Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association 50th Anniversary Volume


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Estuarine and coastal waters are acknowledged centres for anthropogenic impacts. Superimposed on the complex natural interactions between land, rivers and sea are the myriad consequences of human activity – a spectrum ranging from locally polluting effluents to some of the severest consequences of global climate change. For practitioners, academics and students in the field of coastal science and policy, this timely book examines and exemplifies current and future challenges: from upper estuaries to open coasts and adjacent seas; from tropical to temperate latitudes; from Europe to Australia.

This authoritative volume marks the 50th anniversary of the Estuarine and Coastal Sciences Association. Drawing on the expertise of more than 60 specialist contributors, individual chapters address coastal erosion and deposition; open shores to estuaries and deltas; marine plastics; coastal squeeze and habitat loss; tidal freshwaters – saline incursion and estuarine squeeze; restoration management using remote data collection; carbon storage; species distribution and non-natives; shorebirds; Modelling environmental change; physical processes such as sediments and modelling; sea level rise and estuarine tidal dynamics; estuaries as fish nurseries; policy versus reality in coastal conservation; developments in estuarine, coastal and marine management. In addition to providing an overview of current scientific understanding, the material gathered
here offers a clear-eyed perspective on what needs to be done to protect these fragile – and vital – ecosystems.