Fornax, the Friendly Toothbrush at the Playground!

Fornax, the Friendly Toothbrush at the Playground!

An Adventure About Mia and Her Friendly Toothbrush, Fornax.

Kaly Smith


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It is that time again and Mia knows just what to do. If anyone knows how much fun, they have while brushing it is Mia. Join her on this fun adventure she has while brushing with Fornax her friendly toothbrush. Will Mia’s friends be able to play on a clean playground or will they slide over jellybeans or fall off a slippery fun pod? Will they use her dental floss as a Zipline? Or her braces as a Rockwall? Read on to fi nd out what happens as she brushes her teeth with her friendly toothbrush, Fornax.


Kaly Smith:
Kaly Smith started a family in 2011 and moved from California to Michigan to start her next chapter. She enjoys spending time with her two children. She loves creating stories for kids, companies, and schools. If she is asked the question, what has been her favorite job? Her answer would be A mother first and working as a nanny second. If you asked her why, she would say because kids inspire her. Being a nanny and becoming a mom is how she can create stories like this. Seeing children’s faces light up when they hear a story, they love makes all this possible.