The Great Transition

The Great Transition

The Personalization of Finance is Here

Emmanuel Daniel


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This book outlines the transition that the finance industry will go through from its platform stage today into the 'Personalization of Finance'. Emmanuel Daniel uses the story of the ice trade to describe a level of personalization never seen before. It will have a profound effect on how institutions, markets, and societies will function in the network age. He introduces the term 'financialization of everything' to describe how entire economies will interact with cryptocurrencies, blockchain and new trends in gaming to shape the personalization of society. This book is especially useful for innovators, disruptors, and policy makers looking for original ideas on finance, economics, and society shaping the industry today.


  • Foreword by Barney Frank
  • Foreword by Richard Sandor
  • Preface
  • From Platforms to Personalization
  • The Personalization of Finance
  • The Financialization of Everything
  • Rise of the Rebels
  • The Agents of Change
  • The Anatomy of Innovation
  • The Institution Crumbles
  • Reimagining The Product
  • The Great Transitions
  • Glossary for the General Reader
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

Readership: Bankers in every country around the world, banking regulators, entrepreneurs, founders, and investors in financial technology, information technology professionals, Venture Capitalists; investors; government officials; General business readers.

'This isn't simply a book about banking or money. Instead, it's a book about the 'financialization' of everything — how the value of a real asset is increasingly based on data about the asset, not the asset itself — and the societal implications of this change.' - Ron ShevlinChief Research Officer, Cornerstone Advisors and Senior Contributor, Forbes

'Emmanuel has performed an important service in describing the imperatives that are reshaping the financial architecture that undergirds our economy.' - Former Congressman Barney FrankCo-author of the Dodd-Frank Act 2010

'Emmanuel's book helps guide readers through the history, development, and exciting prospects in this new digital world where the individual is front and center. It inspires the reader to learn more.' - Dr Richard L SandorFounder and CEO, American Financial Exchange and Chicago Climate Exchange

'Emmanuel's book is a must-read for bankers and financial services intermediaries who do not want to be disintermediated!' - Dick KovacevichRetired Chairman and CEO, Wells Fargo

Key Features:

  • This is the most comprehensive treatment on the topic of the future of finance ever. It covers not just the technologies, but also the history, current developments, politics and social trends that will shape the future of finance
  • It is bold, it is visionary and it is a realistic projection that starts with what finance is today
  • The book speaks to both the incumbent bankers as well as entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in new technology in finance