Raising Equity Through SEL

Raising Equity Through SEL

A Framework for Implementing Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Restorative Practices

Jorge Valenzuela


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Activate social-emotional learning effectively in your classroom with a framework that integrates trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and restorative teaching practices. Raising Equity Through SEL is your trusted source for sound pedagogy that addresses the academic and social-emotional needs of a diverse classroom community. Each strategy, tool, and template is designed to facilitate your practice by making SEL easier to implement.

Use this book as an individual or team to:
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills for adults and students
  • Examine unconscious beliefs you may have about diverse learners
  • Use shared agreements to structure difficult conversations with other adults
  • Move students toward cultural competence and proficiency
  • Activate SEL across the curriculum without having to stop and “do SEL”
  • Implement culturally responsive, restorative, and trauma-informed teaching strategies
  • Learn inclusive pedagogy that raises equity for students who are marginalized
  • Level up SEL skills using educational technology

  • A joint publication of ISTE and Solution Tree

    Part 1: The Equity and Social-Emotional Learning Integration Framework
    Chapter 1: Learn the Basics of the CASEL 5 and Emotional Intelligence
    Chapter 2: Assess Unconscious Biases About Students
    Chapter 3: Improve Your Knowledge of Your Students
    Chapter 4: Help Students Develop Emotional Intelligence Skills
    Chapter 5: Activate Social-Emotional Learning in Lessons
    Part 2: Three Focus Areas for Equity and Social-Emotional Learning
    Chapter 6: Trauma-Informed Teaching
    Chapter 7: Culturally Responsive Teaching
    Chapter 8: Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice
    Part 3: More Equity Raisers for Social-Emotional Learning
    Chapter 9: Update Our SEL Plan With Inclusive Pedagogy for Raising Equity
    Chapter 10: Activate SEL by Focusing on Equity in Edtech
    Appendix A: Additional Resources by Chapter
    Appendix B: Rationale and Research for the Equity and Social-Emotional Learning Integration Framework
    References and Resources