Joining the Dark Side

Joining the Dark Side

The Role of the Forensic Science Defence Expert

David Schudel


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The role of a forensic science defence expert is often referred to by those working for the police/state/government forensic labs as being on the 'dark side.'

In Joining the Dark Side, author David Schudel outlines the evolution of a fascinating career that starts out in the dark side and looks at what problems can appear in forensic cases. The book delves into the problems inherent to forensic science, in particular cognitive bias and scientific philosophy. It also looks at the emotional impact and specific challenges behind forensic science and provides the reader with some sage advice on giving evidence in Court.


  • Preface
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Jumping in the Dark End
  • Cognitive Bias, Context and Forensics
  • Types of Cognitive Bias
  • Non-Cognitive Bias (AKA: Bias)
  • IIDs and Offices Don't Mix
  • Civil Litigation and Other Animals
  • The 1990s Crime Lab
  • The First Body
  • The First 100 Bodies
  • Bunny Suit and/or Die
  • SurvIVAN
  • Disclosure and the Expert
  • Expert Evidence and Court
  • The Future: It's Not What It Used to Be
  • Index

Readership: Those interested in science as well as forensic science; those in the criminal justice system; lawyers in civil or criminal work; members of the police.

Key Features:

  • There are relatively few books or papers addressing the flaws and issues that crop up routinely with forensic evidence in the criminal justice system