The Mysteries of the Tea Rock Garden Book Two

The Mysteries of the Tea Rock Garden Book Two



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The sun was shining with a light breeze blowing through the cottonwoods and evergreens surrounding the Tea Rock Garden. Sitting in the peace and calm of the serene garden, with trees waving, birds flying, cats and kittens playing is a very happy baker, winking and smiling at the flitting fairies. I am the fairy telling you these stories, and in the midst of the calm, out of the corner of my eye, I see a black hopping crow. The crow is my nemesis.

The Mysteries of the Tea Rock Garden centers around the circle of rocks and flowers east of the Baker's home. The garden circle was created many years prior to the Baker living today west of the Tea Rock Garden. In the world of reality and play, the only limitation is your imagination. The fairies of the Tea Rock Garden display good character traits and conflict resolution.

The Baker is a mystery as well. Some things we know about her, and we know she is real. It is a wonderful, magical place where the real mixes with the imaginary. The mysteries continue.