The Secret Red Raider

The Secret Red Raider

Richard A. Boehler Jr.


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An adventure that incorporates a love story, some super natural elements and a murderous plot. Tommy explores a world far away from his local long island town (where he was raised). But, he is called back suddenly by his ex lover. There are strange happenings in this small suburban community... As Tommy and Gina uncover the truths behind the smoke, they get sucked into a story that is almost to true to be real...


Richard A. Boehler Jr.:
Richard Alexander Boehler, Jr. (nick name: “Richie”) studied science, sociology and music at Stony Brook University, Long Island New York. He enjoys the simple things in life: a camping trip to the Adirondack Mountains (God’s Country), time with his family, a good book, good music and “fitness training”. Richie served 15+ faithful and honorable years in the United States Military (USNR). His literary influences include: Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, John Grisham and Michael Crichton. Richie is a loving dad to two great kids (Madison and Dylan) and a “hopeless romantic”. To the eternal military warriors/friends/brothers and sisters - thank you for your strength, goodness and protection.