The Dragon of Terre-Reim

The Dragon of Terre-Reim

David Fahrenholz


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Terre-Reim is a place filled with many different residents. Everyone in Terre-Reim usually gets along with each other despite their differences. It is a mysterious place filled with new and exciting adventures.

Sir Franklin is a lovable but sometimes gruff dragon that sometimes forgets to appreciate what he has while he dreams of what else is out there. Like many of us, he hopes to be a better dragon but is not sure what that really means. He only knows that something else is out there.

Darius is Sir Franklin's very best friend. At times, Darius can be irritating to Sir Franklin because he is a very confident and headstrong English cricket. He is well meaning, though, because he really tries his best to protect and help Sir Franklin in his own way.

Dexter is a friend of both Sir Franklin and Darius. He is a quiet and shy grasshopper. He has to help Sir Franklin and Darius get along sometimes, but he really prefers to focus on his singing and spitting contests. Dexter lives in a mysterious area of Terre-Reim that most residents have never been.

Even in a place as wonderful as Terre-Reim, you sometimes feel like there is more to explore.