The Professional Practice of Rehabilitation Counseling

The Professional Practice of Rehabilitation Counseling


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The most current book available on rehabilitation counseling!

This textbook is a comprehensive introduction to rehabilitation counseling, encompassing its history, values, knowledge, skills, and links to the disability community. Underscoring disability as a common part of the human experience, it highlights the knowledge and competencies all rehabilitation counselors need to provide ethical and effective services. To reflect emerging trends, 13 chapters are either completely rewritten or significantly revised. This text offers a stronger focus on psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health counseling practiced by clinical rehabilitation counselors and incorporates new research and knowledge from breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychopharmacology, innovations in digital communication and technology, and shifts in the economy.

The book examines the broad ranging practice of rehabilitation counseling as an evolving amalgamation of CORE and CACREP and delves into the impact of current societal changes—COVID-19, the economic turndown, issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It provides an enhanced focus on the demand for clinical and mental health counseling from a rehabilitation perspective and introduces specialized competencies to foster the development of strong advanced skill sets. The text also focuses on the importance of having persons with disabilities participate in their own rehabilitation and as an important component of the development of the field itself. The text is supported by rich ancillaries for educators, including Instructor's Manual, PowerPoints, and Test Bank.

New to the Third Edition:

  • New chapter authors are high caliber experts with unique voices and perspectives who have partnered with senior scholars from previous editions
  • This new edition is significantly updated to reflect emerging trends that are impacting the professional practice of rehabilitation counseling
  • Updated chapter on technology in rehabilitation counseling includes distance education, assistive technology and telemental health
  • New chapter on Counseling and Mental Health

Key Features:

  • Conceptualizes rehabilitation counseling and its complementary relationship to counseling
  • Each chapter addresses CACREP standards and includes learning objectives, reflection activities, and content review questions
  • Extensively addresses both aspects of CACREP specialty identity: traditional rehabilitation counseling and clinical rehabilitation counseling
  • Includes Appendices with a guide to key acronyms and scope of practice
  • Case conceptualizations focuses on the delivery of services