Adorfalina and the Gift of Self-Confidence

Adorfalina and the Gift of Self-Confidence

Adrianne Carlino Gentile


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FULL OF WIT AND WISDOM, THIS ADVENTURE STORY FOLLOWS ADORFALINA, a little Angel who is afraid to fly, lacks self-confidence, is always late, but daydreams of flying in a pair of beautiful purple wings. The Angels hold an emergency meeting to save the Earth from bullies and everlasting unhappiness, and Adorfalina is late again. She does, however, come up with the perfect plan to help Earth and the best human to use it. Sara Hattson is a young girl with Down syndrome. She is both kind and insightful. After some humorous mishaps, Adorfalina and her friends cook up the magical Gift of Self-Confidence. Will the Gift work? Will Sara be able to spread the Gift of Self-Confidence? This story demonstrates how self-confidence, respect, and kindness between people of different cultural, social, and special needs develop friendship and happiness.