Prostate Cancer and How It Changed Me

Prostate Cancer and How It Changed Me

William J. Voller


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When I was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer, I did not know much about the subject. I went to the local library and bookstore to see if I could discover any insight from other people's experiences. I found a few books about prostate cancer primarily written by doctors who were involved in the specific industry. These books were very technical in nature and very detailed in the complexities of the disease. However, they did not address the human or subjective side of the disease. How it would impact me, what I would be feeling, was there any pain, what are the next steps, what are my options are all questions that I wanted answers to.

I did find many books written by females who described their experiences with breast cancer. I decided to write a book about my experiences with prostate cancer to help men who have been diagnosed with this cancer. Reading my book along with a technical book written by a doctor will give men a complete picture of what to expect with prostate cancer--how it will impact their lives and the lives of their spouses.