A Guide to Supporting and Instilling Exceptional Sportsmanship

Bill Gosse


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Sportsmanship with youth carries a spirit that we all can restore with focus and effort. SCORE is a 5-part series exploring our individual roles instilling healthy sportsmanship and a working plan to do so. We are looking to develop a spirit in sport where victory is not measured in the stands and on the benches; where children, teens and adults can celebrate victory or defeat with style, grace, and sportsmanship; developing character for success in life. This first book in the series is for parents and other important adults in the lives of youth. Sports create opportunities to respect and encourage. What role will you play in improving the sportsmanship environment surrounding youth sports? When sportsmanship prevails - we all SCORE, with healthy youth developing confidence and skills for a good life.


Bill Gosse:
TeamScore Inc is a non-profit organization on a mission to promote good sportsmanship in youth athletics. President and Co-Founder Bill Gosse brings a unique perspective to the subject of sportsmanship: Currently the Executive Director at St. Vincent de Paul Green Bay; NCAA D1 walk-on in basketball; father of five grown boys; coach for several youth teams; WIAA official, and Weekly sportsmanship columnist. He has seen all sides of sports, and still appreciates the great things it offers. He is passionate about improving the fan—and participant—environment in sports today.