The Antique Wooden Trunk

The Antique Wooden Trunk

Book One of the Ancestry Series

Renée Michelle Martel


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Life and death are two sides of the same coin. The past is a tricky thing. Sometimes it’s etched on our minds. Other times it blurs our memories. If you stand too long on the dark side of a grave, who knows which ancestors you will awaken. The Antique Wooden Trunk, Book One of the Ancestry Series, introduces Ruby McEwen, an intuitive, eighty-eight-year-old human gateway to the past, and Jazz Durant, a turbulent eighteen-year-old with a grim future. Unpredictably, the two women, born decades apart, embark upon a historical, intertwining journey that has them navigating across four countries and through three centuries occupied by wounded minds and searching souls. The Antique Wooden Trunk is more than a saga about time travel. It is an ambitious novel that reunites lost generations, casts a light upon the unknown, and rediscovers the forgotten. With each step she takes, alongside Ruby and their witty, stubborn and wise ancestors, Jazz learns about humanity, courage, integrity, survival, and life. A life linked to theirs and one not so unlike her own.


Renée Michelle Martel:
Renée Michelle Martel lives a diverse life in two countries alongside her family and her passion for art, books, music, and psychology. She is the sum of decades of countless experiences with different and interesting people across America and Europe. Renée was born with a probing and headstrong personality that enables her to peel back the layers of life and expose what lies beneath the surface. Her imaginative and chaotic brain creates overlapping stories that are inspired by emotions, history, the birth of new generations, and the passage of time. Her storytelling is a tribute to what people do to life and what life does to people.