Miss Daisy Weed’s Flower Power

Miss Daisy Weed’s Flower Power

Charlotte Godkin


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Two daisy flower fairies fly through the clouds clutching their new wand and wishing fairy Snowbell had given them a manual. As they appear to be descending to Earth at tremendous speed, a black hole suddenly appears. The fairies set out on a mission that introduces them to many animals, all with their own breathtaking stories and endearing ways. Miss Daisy Weeds have come a long way, not just in distance, but in knowledge, bringing out their most caring and humorous side.

Their petals fold over their ears as Snowbell once again misses the correct note. Two wizards fly above, promising to be good as angels if only Snowbell will find her voice and two Miss Daisy Weeds, now as flower fairies, giggle at the sight of a rabbit dance... And one, two, three…


Charlotte Godkin:

Charlotte Godkin's love of writing is expressed in her Miss Daisy Weed's Books. Charlotte, whose lifestyle is what she always hoped for, expresses her love of the wildlife and natural surrounding beauty, not only in her writing, but also her well-established water color paintings exhibited around Northumberland.

Charlotte is often seen with her Chihuahua dog, Precious, walking the hills and valleys around her country home. Her imagination appears to have no end, as she drafts out ideas and illustrations for her next book.