Born to Be Weird

Born to Be Weird

Demented Fantasy and Bizarro Horror

Set Sytes


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A public restroom even more horrific than most, with a stained toilet that can swallow a man whole, sending him to a sewage-filled hell. A riverbank lined with swaying mops given faces and philosophies. A secondary school that seems to waver in and out of reality not only in dreams, but also upon wakeful visitation. An isolated grotto, home to trolls and the posthumous shadow form of Elvis Presley. These are all settings of the peculiar, often unnerving events in Set Sytes’s collection of short bizarro fiction. By the author of How Not to Kill Yourself, this second edition of Born to Be Weird features hordes of new terrors and otherworldly adventures to make your stomach turn and skin crawl. 


Set Sytes:
Set Sytes was born in the misty, Arthurian woods of England and was raised by bears. He never grew up, meaning that his ambition is still to become Emperor of the Known Universe (to start with). When he’s not spending his time plotting how best to achieve this and more, he is composing stories – warnings of sorts, as to what we might expect when he finally succeeds in breaking down the barriers between worlds.Set has authored many stories of darkness and weirdness and flights of fancy, including the adult sci-fi/fantasy The Fifth Place series, the pirate fantasy India Bones series, the twisted dystopian thriller Moral Zero, and the fantasy/horror short story collections of Faces in the Dark and Born to be Weird. He is also the author of the non-fiction anti-depression handbook How Not to Kill Yourself: A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists.For updates on his books (and assorted other weirdness), you can follow Set Sytes on Twitter @setsytesFor something more in-depth, you can also drop by his website: