Speed Republic

Speed Republic

Ryan K Lindsay


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In the future, Europe has united under one man, The Autocrat. He rules the apocalyptic landscape from corporate monopolies with a vision of unity that is gospel to some, but hollow to others. To distract the 99% from their poor and empty lives, they are given the opportunity to compete in the Grand Race. A marathon street race through Europe where only one driver can make it to the end and win a life of luxury. Our hero, Sebastian Valencia enters with the hope that winning this race can make up for his wasted past, but along the way he starts to question what kind of future he is actually buying into.


Ryan K Lindsay:
Ryan K Lindsay is an award-winning comic book writer who has worked with Dark Horse, Black Mask, Vertigo, IDW, ComixTribe, and runs his own Four Colour Ray Gun comic imprint. He is Australian and when not being a family man he hones his writing skills by sacrificing blood wombats to the outback spider fight clubs.