Make Your Own Toolbox

Make Your Own Toolbox

A Woodworker’s Guide to Building Chests, Cases & Cabinets


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Build a Rugged Toolbox or Two

Toolboxes are a unique type of woodworking project. Often, they’re a newcomer’s very first creation, meant to house the very tools used to craft the box. As that same woodworker accumulates more tools over the years and eventually realizes the need for a dedicated workshop, they’ll find themselves in need of building even more racks, chests, and caddies—though that first banged-up toolbox is still nestled under the bench.

Dive into this compilation of classic and practical toolbox projects pulled from the pages of Popular Woodworking, from knowledgeable woodworkers like Tommy MacDonald, Christopher Schwarz, and Robert W. Lang. With 23 selections to choose from, you’ll find just the plans you need, whether you’re looking for a compact caddy, a rugged-but-still-portable chest, or a handsomely crafted, many-drawered cabinet to crown your workbench.