Praise Cardboard Jesus For Our Funny Kids!

Praise Cardboard Jesus For Our Funny Kids!

And Other Anecdotes from our Crazy Family

Ryan Robison


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Okay, I'll admit it: I have funny (some may say weird) children. Our three children, Rylee, Davis, and Kalel, entertain everyone on a daily basis. This book is a collection of pictures, funny stories, and quotations of actual things our children have said or done.

Our life...

Quotes from Lisa before we left for a three-hour car ride:

* "It doesn't matter that your brother has one more book than you."

* "Well, pull your pants up if your butt crack is hanging out!"

* "Quit licking your brother!"

This is a one-minute glimpse into our life!

Deep thoughts...

Before bed tonight, Rylee looked at me with a really thoughtful look and said, "Dad, I just don't get it. Parents spend the first two years of their kid's life teaching them to walk and talk...then they spend the next many years telling them to sit down and be quiet. It just doesn't make sense!" I have to admit; she does have a point!

Skid marks...

Kalel just got upset because there were not any skid marks in his underwear. All I could tell him was "Dude, skid marks should not be your goal!"

Normal family?

At lunch today, Davis said, "I wish that for just one day our family could be normal."

When we asked him what he meant by normal, he said, "You know, not being funny and laughing all the time and sometimes saying inappropriate things to make each other laugh."

Lisa's and my immediate response was "Nope, this family can't be normal."

He then said, "Yeah, we are pretty funny...and awesome!"

So sit back and laugh at the craziness of the Robison family and the antics of Rylee, Davis, and Kalel!