Finding Felicity

Finding Felicity

Jessica Rae


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For Felicity Winters, a life of excitement and passion is overrated. Her small-town, mundane existence is enough--at least, that's what she tells herself. But in her heart of hearts, she longs to trade her spot at the supermarket checkout lane for soil samples and a shovel about a thousand and one miles away. But as her ailing father's caretaker, Felicity's dreams of adventure, love, and greater purpose seem just out of reach. That is, until an unlikely twist of circumstances lands her face-to-face with spontaneous, chivalrous, and irresistible (albeit disenchanted) movie star Hale Monroe.

In the wake of his desperate escape from the world of materialism, Felicity's unassuming kindness and selflessness draw Hale into a life he never thought possible. Suddenly, Hale finds himself inexplicably connected to the quirky yet lovable community who refuses to give up on him.

Through a whirlwind of small-town shenanigans, Felicity and Hale find their lives becoming more and more closely intertwined. But when an old flame threatens to reignite the past, will the connection between Hale and Felicity grow cold? Can Felicity overcome the ghosts of her past and embrace her God-given purpose?