A Southern Story

A Southern Story

Family and Race, ca. 1650–2021

Sterling Vinson


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This book is an examination of a southern white family's relations with people of color in the United States from about 1650 to the present. Part autobiography, part social history, we were slaveowners, Confederate soldiers, Klansmen, and responsible for at least one lynching. During the last two generations we befriended Nisei during World War II, and since then have been increasingly active in Civil Rights in the South and Southwest (e.g., the Sanctuary Movement and Humane Borders). The book can therefore be viewed as an account of sin and redemption, especially since the author has moved from a history of alcoholism and violence to membership in the Presbyterian Church, US.


Sterling Vinson:
Sterling Vinson is a retired archaeologist and teacher. He has written several articles on classical archaeology and border problems.