Therapy from the Heart of a Poet, Vol. 2’

Therapy from the Heart of a Poet, Vol. 2’

A Collection of Restorative, Therapeutic, Love – Filled Poems!

Monique Cooney-Echols


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As a therapist helping people to navigate through life’s adversities and trials, it’s always a blessing to find words that permeate the heart with that of love, peace, and more importantly Christ… “Therapy From The Heart Of A Poet Vol.2” is an impeccable piece of written art (book) that speaks to the depths of your soul no matter where you are in life. It’s an uplifting and kind gesture created for everyone. Tracy Boatmon, LMSW Monique Cooney-Echols (as I sigh with exhilaration and I state her name with a heart of thankfulness and an indescribable amount of praise, for this masterpiece that she’s cultivated exhibits the power to ensure us BETTER days) She’s done it once AGAIN… she has birthed a poetic tool box filled with every necessity in which we need… love, laughter, hope, and Christ. This Poetic compilation is the soft yet radical utterance that assures us of who we are through the vulnerably effective, transparency and strength of her pen. As human beings it is inevitable to escape the nuances and turbulence that life brings. As a reaction to life’s turmoil we are always searching for the right words to carry us through; to create an unspoken harmony of evolution, healing, and truth….. somehow, some way; this hand held gem has done just that!…. Through the flip of every page you experience both relatability and accountability, both simultaneous tools that exist through the art of compelling words…. It isn’t often that you find a restorative, transformative, yet congenial tool that meets you right where you are; by reaffirming WHO and WHOSE you are! -Racquel “Peculiar“ Cooney Thee Beyond Peculiar Millennial Journalist


Monique Cooney-Echols:
Monique Cooney-Echols is the epitome of such. Like many of us she has gone through many of life's trials and tribulations and it hasn't always been easy, but one thing for certain she has never given up nor will she ever give in. In spite of it all she has allowed God to plant seeds in the midst of her storms. Life has taught her that in order to grow there is a process that must take place. God guides the seeds in which he has planted on the inside of each one of us. He guides the seed(s) through our entire life cycle. Establishing purpose that will not only bless us but it will bless others as well. I am truly blessed to be her daughter I have watched her grow beyond limitations that either of us could have ever imagined. Now she is helping others grow and overcome through the heart of her poetry. Whenever there is a moment and or day that you feel you can't make it through I guarantee if you open up this book it will not only be therapeutic but it will TRULY bless you. Racquel Cooney Singer, actress, writer