The Mountain, Elah

The Mountain, Elah

Alison Olson


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For many years, Elah has been a mountain of stone. But one day when the ground begins to shake, Elah falls and lands in an open space. As he looks up at the tall mountain above and sees the space he used to fill, Elah weeps. He is no longer a mountain, but just a sad, lonely stone. Over time, Elah becomes a stone in a creek bed where things are always changing. Sometimes Elah can see the mountain, but eventually the rushing water tosses him farther away into a valley where he is transformed into a smooth, smaller stone. After he befriends a flock of sheep and their shepherd, Elah praises God for their friendship. But when war breaks out across the land, Elah soon discovers that the Lord has an important plan for him. In this inspirational tale, a small stone that is carried away from all he knows learns to believe in himself and trust in God’s plan.


Alison Olson:
Alison Olson grew up on a small farm in northeast Kansas. After earning degrees at Washburn University and the University of Kansas, she became a licensed master’s level social worker. Alison is a mother of two and believer in Christ who wishes to share his loving message through stories.