Easy Peasy Cocker Spaniel

Easy Peasy Cocker Spaniel

Your Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Raising and Training a Happy Cocker Spaniel

Steve Mann


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My name is Steve Mann and I'm an expert dog trainer with over 30 years of experience. In this book, I will teach you how to raise your Cocker Spaniel to be healthy and happy. All breeds are different, and it is vital that you grow to learn your Cocker Spaniel's specific needs and characteristics. Whether you are the proud owner of a brand-new puppy, a 10-year-old adult dog or a rescue Cocker Spaniel of any age, my easy peasy principles will help you nurture your bond with your Cocker Spaniel and teach them a range of activities in no time.

You will learn about:

· Your breed history
· The key principles of dog training: Recall, Loose Lead Walking, Sit
· Why your Cocker Spaniel... chases, digs, jumps up, chews
· How to keep your Cocker Spaniel happy home alone
· Grooming: teeth, nails, bathing
· Nutrition and so much more!

Armed with this knowledge about Cocker Spaniels, plus my simple and highly effective lessons and training techniques, you and your dog will have the most cheerful, exciting and fulfilling relationship. So, let's get started!


Steve Mann:
Steve Mann, founder of The IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), is the author of the UK's number 1 bestselling dog training book Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy. Other books include the bestselling Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy, Easy Peasy Doggy Diary and Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome.

Steve is a world-renowned expert who presents dog training and behaviour seminars worldwide including Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. TV appearances include BBC's The Underdog Show and Who Let The Dogs Out?, ITV's Lorraine and Animal Rescue, plus several other shows in the UK and worldwide. Steve has worked with many celebrities including Graham Norton, Brian Blessed and Theo Walcott. He also works as an Animal Consultant for TV and Film shoots and regularly speaks at behaviour, management and training conferences.

You can find out more at www.stevemanndogtraining.com and www.imdt.uk.com.