The Master’s Piece

The Master’s Piece

Sylvia Benson


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“She forgave her storms and gave them a voice in her story.” - Unknown **TRIGGER WARNING** INCEST. RAPE. MOLESTATION. ABORTION. Reader discretion is advised. Read the story from the source of a 15-year-old girl, in a desperate search to locate her biological father. In her stages of discovery, Sylvia dug up a part of her life that almost led to her demise. Out of the shadows, appeared a world full of perversion, incest, concubines, lies, and deceit. The life-altering reality resulted in Sylvia being in a 7-year legal marriage with her newfound biological father. Did she lose her faith? What was the threshold of pain Sylvia weathered through before planning her escape? “When I heard Sylvia’s story, my mind was blown. It honestly took me a while to process even the synopsis version of her full story that we’ve come to know now. I remember thinking, “You need to write a book!” I can’t express how proud I am of Sylvia for publishing her story, in her voice before anyone else can. I say this because the world would’ve known Sylvia whether she wanted them to or not.” - Close Friend A book was written long before I wrote it. Seven years through hell, seven years to write this book, and an additional three years for my daughter, Ceaphrael, to transform my experience, into a story even I couldn’t imagine. Simply writing this exert for you now, is surreal. As the ink dried on each paper, I began preparing for the world to hear one of the craziest stories heard, my story. I’ve arrived at a place of peace knowing how many women will gain strength and courage because of mine. Words housed in this book are the most vulnerable pieces of my heart to your eyes. I pray you find forgiveness for every fault towards you at the hand of others. Most of all, my prayer is for you to consciously decide to bathe in healing every day. - Sylvia L. Benson