Along Came Hell, or so I Thought

Along Came Hell, or so I Thought

Lois Young


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How does one recover after learning that a husband of forty-four years has been molesting their granddaughters? Along Came Hell, or So I Thought tells one woman’s story of her family’s journey down that road. Throughout this book we see how conversations, circumstances, Bible studies, TV shows, and Holy Spirit surprises brought about healing over many years. It’s not merely her story, it is God’s story as he guided her from emotionally feeling nothing to recognizing her pain, naming it, and handing it to the Lord. It’s God’s story as he showed her that what she felt she had lost hadn’t been lost at all. It had been repurposed, rebuilt, and used in new ways. He also, in His own surprising ways, challenged her to molt, not bolt. While everyone’s life story is different, this book shows that one thing never changes. God.


Lois Young:
Lois Young, a native Nevadan, mother of three, grandmother of seven and great grandmother of seven, has written stories and poems for her family and friends’ enjoyment over many years. Some found their way into her church’s newsletter, some appeared in a blog she wrote for three years, some as notes in cards, and still others appeared as devotional material for women’s groups. Many stories she shares are Kingdom insights from every day experiences. In addition to writing, Lois took up painting in her retirement years. Besides writing and painting, she loves watching clouds, trees, and animals, solving all kind of word puzzles, but most of all, she loves her family, her friends, and her Lord.