Sexy No Matter What

Sexy No Matter What

Lauretta Nichols


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Sexy No Matter What is meant to be a blessing to women out there who feel like they are the ugly duckling or a monster due to some kind of tragedy that has left a permanent scar on their body, as well as those who feel mentally or emotionally beat down. It is also for the woman who feels they have "flaws" because they don't fit society's idea of what a sexy woman is. It is a story of a few tragedies that happened in my life in the course of one year and how the Lord performed so many miracles for me and my family during that time. It is about my recovery and how I learned to accept who I really am no matter what anyone thinks (including me). I pray that this book will be a mind-changing, life-changing, and transforming stepping-stone for you. I pray that you will be forever changed.