You Don't Live in My House

You Don't Live in My House

Therefore, You Won't Understand My Secrets

Ulric R. Gray


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We live in a monitors’ world as an output device that displays information in a pictorial form usually comprised with visual display, circuitry, casting, and with a power supply. It is tucked away on a wall showing the visual display of ourselves for all to see with an on and off switch, leaving us there as a circuitry casting in a pictorial form whether we are good or bad! There, we see ourselves mentally transformed from an egg to a worm and from worm to a cocoon, from a cocoon to a butterfly alive; now that we are alive, we can fly. If we weren’t alive at birth, we would remain a monitor on a wall with no connection to a power output so as to display a visual pictorial information for all to see.

Don’t try building your own escape hatch; if you do, your success will depend on your ability to do your own repairs!

Success is not a donation; it is a conquest.

Self-awareness is knowing yourself from the inside out!