My First Alphabet Affirmations Book

My First Alphabet Affirmations Book

Positive Affirmations Can Change the Way You See Yourself and the World Around You

Golden Buenafe


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Feeling good about yourself has a lot to do with what you think—and what you don’t think. Positive Affirmations can change the way you see yourself and the world around you. They remind you of who you really are. They describe the traits and personal qualities that make you special. It’s also okay to forget how great you are sometimes. But it’s important to remind yourself of your strengths. Remind yourself of what you can do—of the qualities that make you awesome. Use positive affirmations as your reminder. To get the maximum benefits from Alphabet affirmations book keep this book with you and review them daily. Share them with family and friends. Grow in your positivity and inner strength and spread this hope, joy, and wisdom with others. When you believe in yourself—when you know your strengths and when you trust that pitfalls, losses, and failures are lessons that don’t define you—then you will be unstoppable.


Golden Buenafe:

Golden Buenafe is a registered nurse who specialize in mental health. Her goal is to provide profound messages of hope, self-love, and support.