Using Nutrigenomics within Personalized Nutrition

Using Nutrigenomics within Personalized Nutrition

A Practitioner's Guide

Anne Pemberton


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This is the comprehensive guide to utilising nutrigenomics in clinical practice. A cutting-edge field, nutrigenomics examines the effects of foods on gene expression. From a comprehensive patient history and appropriate testing, practitioners can work with the patient to correct underlying biochemical imbalances that may predispose to a disease, using nutrigenomics as a guidance tool.

The book covers everything a practitioner needs to know, from the difference between nutrigenomics and epigenetics to what to consider when incorporating nutrigenomics with functional medicine. The book is highly practical, guiding the reader through the realities of using genetic testing in clinical practice.


Anne Pemberton:
Anne Pemberton currently runs nutritional therapy training courses through her company Genesnippers, and has an international clinic specialising in ASD and CFS, often using nutrigenomics as a clinical tool. She was previously head of the nutrition programme at the Northern College of Acupuncture. Anne lives in Leeds, UK.