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Destiny Howell


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Oceans 11 goes to the arcade in this wildly entertainng heist adventure that is perfect for fans of Gordon Korman, Varian Johnson, and Celia P rez.

We do this my way.

No one gets hurt.

And if I call it off, it’s off.

Got it?

My name’s Darius James—but everyone calls me DJ. At my old school, I was the go-to guy for all kinds of tricky problems that needed creative solutions. But at my new school, Ella Fitzgerald Middle, I’m just trying to blend in.

Well, I was, anyway, until my best friend, Conor, got himself transferred to the Fitz too. Now Conor owes 100,000 arcade tickets to the biggest bully around—and he only has two weeks to make it happen.

Impossible? Not with my head in the game.


Destiny Howell:
Destiny Howell was born in Florida and decided to become a lawyer to learn all the rules before she quit to write novels about clever kids who break them. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she is pursuing an MFA in creative writing and trying to get together a weekly Dungeons & Dragons group (which is proving much trickier). Visit her at destinyhowell.com.