Is It the Truth…or Lies?

Is It the Truth…or Lies?

Edward Kendrick


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Steve Richmond's day off begins normally enough. Then, he's abducted by someone who thinks he had information they needed about one Nate Loman. Only the intervention by the man's partner keeps Steve from suffering a beating ... or worse. It seems he was not the 'Steve Richmond' they were looking for.

Thanks to his ex, Steve is put in touch with Jace Evans, a bodyguard who is willing to protect Steve from his kidnappers if they came after him again. His fee? Twenty a day and a few home-cooked meals.

From there, things get complicated. First, someone tries to get into Steve's place but Jace sends them packing. Then, Jace comes up with information about Loman and why people are looking for him. What he learns brings both Loman and his enemies out of the woodwork, putting Steve in greater danger.

Can they trust what Loman tells them becomes the ultimate question. And will they survive long enough to separate the truth from the lies while dealing with their growing attraction to each other?


Edward Kendrick: