Residential Property Investing Explained Simply

Residential Property Investing Explained Simply

How to buy residential property and build a profitable property portfolio

Steve Palise


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The essential handbook for all residential property investors.Many property investing books sell the dream – scores of properties bought in a handful of years, and millions of dollars made in a number of minutes. But how does property investing actually work?Unlike other property books, Residential Property Investing Explained Simply comprehensively explains how to invest in residential property. It covers planning your investment strategy, searching for and analysing opportunities, building a residential property portfolio, finding and managing tenants, and much, much more.If you want to grow your wealth through residential property investing and start your journey toward financial freedom, this is the only book you will ever need.


Steve Palise:
Steve Palise has purchased more than 1000 residential properties for his clients and has acquired an impressive property portfolio himself, allowing him to leave salaried employment in his early thirties. Steve is now passionate about helping others achieve their goals and financial freedom through property investing. Steve is a sought-after media commentor, regularly called upon to share his expertise in property investing. He is also the author of the award-winning Commercial Property Investing Explained Simply.