Weaving It All Together

Weaving It All Together

Heather Nelson Shouldice


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Children are capable of remarkably sophisticated musical skills and understandings, and for decades music teachers have been using Edwin E. Gordon's groundbreaking method to successfully develop independent music makers and thinkers in their classrooms.In Weaving It All Together, author Heather Shouldice draws from her two decades of experience with Music Learning Theory (MLT) to present practical activities, ideas, and strategies to help elementary general music teachers thoughtfully and purposefully weave together the many instructional threads of MLT.The book is divided into three parts. Part I (“The Big Picture”) presents the core concepts and tenets of MLT, including a summary of Gordon's foundational Skill Learning Sequence.In Part II (“Navigating Skill Learning Sequence”), Shouldice dedicates a chapter to each of the eight levels in the Skill Learning Sequence, with suggestions for learning activities and teaching strategies for each.Part III (“Weaving the Threads”) takes a broad view of how students' audiation and musical skill development can be guided throughout the elementary years, with chapters devoted to informal music guidance, harmonic skill development, instrumental applications, facilitating and documenting individual student growth, implementing Learning Sequence Activities (LSAs), and planning and sequencing instruction.Equally suited for veteran and novice teachers alike, Weaving It All Together provides a detailed yet flexible roadmap for music instruction and bridges the gap between Gordon's theoretical ideas and their practical implementation in the general music classroom.


Heather Nelson Shouldice:
Heather Nelson Shouldice is Associate Professor of Music Education at Eastern Michigan University, where she coordinates the music education program, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses, supervises student teachers, and directs the early childhood music program through EMU's Community Music Academy. Prior to entering higher education, Dr. Shouldice taught elementary general music for ten years in the public schools of Michigan. She is a professional development faculty member for the Gordon Institute for Music Learning (GIML) and has served on the GIML board as president.