Abundance in the Thunder

Abundance in the Thunder

Stacey Aromando


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With a hope that this book will inspire those who feel they are in the darkness, which is actually light turned inside out. Blessed that the stories inside will show the readers that the author, too, is the same as everyone else and no one escapes hardships or misfortune. It is a book that does not necessarily mean the author has gone through anything mentioned but that she puts herself in the shoes of the people who actually may have gone through it. Encouraging those readers who are curious about what it means to have abundance in the thunder. This book is about abundant courage, abundant love, abundant forgiveness of others and of oneself, and abundant faith in knowing that it is all right to fall. Abundance in the thunder means staying strong and not letting anyone or anything control your mind or thoughts about yourself. If you never try and fall, you never grow. Stay abundant in the thunder.