Beginning With Genesis

Beginning With Genesis

A Journey from Knowledge to Wisdom

William J. Wright


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History repeats itself. That is particularly true in the book of Genesis, a book of beginnings which moves from a dark, cold, watery hopelessness through inspiring highs and incredible lows toward faith in the God who is ever-present and active in the affairs of the men and women of the selected stories that comprise Genesis. This book explores those ups and downs and demonstrates a pattern that allows us to discern God's love and care despite our disobedience and failure. We also explore why, despite commands to fill the earth and become nations, Adam (after the fratricide), Abraham, and Isaac only had two children, and examine possible lessons these examples offer.


William J. Wright:
William J. Wright is a physician with a deep interest in God’s word. He has taught Bible classes at churches in three states. He has a deep interest in the Old Testament, although he is writing an (as yet unpublished) book describing the chiastic structure of Matthew’s Gospel.