The Last Mack Standing Scriptures

The Last Mack Standing Scriptures

Mackology 3Rd Edition

A King Named Mr. Mack Millon


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The three scriptures NnThe Game of life Scriptures Playing the game of life is knowing how to roll it, live to give, give to live, the game of life has always been about unity, team work works, it’s a proven fact, that teams have won championships, everybody need everybody, cross country living will explain precisely, exactly, specifically what the game of life scriptures is all about. The Last Mack Standing Scriptures Step in smooth to lay It down thick, straight grinding, just like indigenous people do in Little Rock Arkansas, got to learn how to live, then learn how to earn, then learn how to make money work for you, then learn how to pull up shining brand new, like they say In Memphis, “this what game plus money do for you,” if you learn how to direct traffic, Memphis know the business, on some project pat type stuff, It’s all about getting life right, wealthy comfortable with longevity, and spirituality. Journey wealthy longevity scriptures Everywhere you go, be on the prowl to see if that city got benefits for you on the business tip, vehicles, homes, a new crew, or new members bringing something to the table, showing a down for life mentality, simply to qualify to be in the royal family, to contribute towards the royal family getting wealthy on the journey to longevity. Books available on kindlebooks: the philosophical philosopher presents street life philosophy written by royalty. Books available on kindlebooks: the philosophical philosopher presents the king business: the boss player association written by a king named mr. Mack millon.


A King Named Mr. Mack Millon:
About the author Leigh s. Truth beyond belief: You ever feel like God is telling you something? Maybe you're worried about trying something new, but you don't realize you been surviving out there for awhile, maybe he's leading you right now to where you are meant to be, You always said you wanted to be somewhere else, he lead you to hundreds of places, and you meet so many people for a reason, He's literally been doing what you asked. Maybe he's slowing you down to try to make you see it. Cover all angles, & connect game, Some want to be stars, some need to be suns. Yes and thank you nephew it’s been a minute since I had a good pair of (stomps ) shoes. Now I can really throw the toes on them you will be blessed for blessing the man of God amen be blessed and continue to be a blessing love you uncle juney Bonds aka lucky Luciano aloha… 1981 was a great year for the honurable shyne Belize (song, “quasi o.g.,” we ain’t the problem), meanwhile on turtle island, On a hot seventy-five degrees August 3rd,1981 summer time day, in the show me state of Missouri, an Akenu-Lan pyramid golden brown baby boy was born, inside the most known unknown, Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, Safely inside a loyalty before betrayal, well known famous army base, all over the country it is known as, fort lost in the woods. You know when the ogs say, “riding til the wheels fall off,” that’s me, I’m four flats on a 1998 north star Cadillac, & they say, “why you ain’t change the tires?” I said, “I don’t have time, I got to keep rolling, I got stuff to do,” memorize you must be smarter than the currency you increase, or have, & make it get like two jobs. 1st edition written in the land of snow 2nd & 3rd edition written during cross country living This book is about respect & unity The best for those at their best, right? Some will rush to touch the top, while others move at their own pace, following their right mind, then they will go sit down on the top. With a Tiara Rogers mother loving facial expression on her pretty copper brown face, she looked out the antique designed windows, at the long summer fresh Schoenoplectus prairie grassy field, simultaneously, while she new born mother held me, junkyard dog headlock tight, in her pyramid golden brown arms, an April Rogers Barbara Hardy Simmons looking nurse walked passed my mother room door smiling, the nurse had one of them Jean Rogers Tennessee Mississippi type of walks on her. A person never knows, or knew what type of cards they was gone be dealt, from birth to earth, & who they will be surrounded by, so it’s best to study lifeology, in order to stay ahead of the game of life, in style. Neither does a person know what state, or city they will start their life in, or what type of situation they will be put in the middle of, or what type of family they will grow up with, so therefore it’s mandatorily important to analyze everyday, all day to night, everything that which will transpire. Time to put the rightful rulers of the earth, back on all thrones in the world, while some sleep, others travel ocean floor deep, to find out what some will never be able to speak. to the queen, you have a king for a lifetime, let the world experience, what you experience. Every indigenous lady spiritual Sunday morning, a Christopher Columbus settler European man, descendant of a pilgrim European family, he known as Al, “Brown Station wagon,” Rebbie, he would pull up listening to, “smile FM Christian radio station,” he was coming to take me, and my cousins to East Brook church, also well known as Sunday school, services was being held inside riverside high school, it’s purpose was strictly to show us how to become great Christians, it was like he was recruiting us for his pastor. Jesse Owens won four Olympic gold medals, forty one years before my birthday, on august 3rd, 1997, it was my sixteenth birthday, I was in a dark lovely bold, beautiful perm head