Dare to Possess-A Good Courage!

Dare to Possess-A Good Courage!

Steven Barnes


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Working with Steve for two years, I have witnessed first-hand the strength and leadership he demonstrates daily. Steve has an exceptional ability to motivate his team and drive results despite any challenges that come their way. Identifying obstacles, rising above, and developing positive solutions to persevere are the only options! Excuses do not exist in the mind of this Leader. Steve understands that relationships are everything, from the lowest level to the highest. Invest in your team, and the returns are endless. Steve is a natural leader and mentor, and anyone can benefit by studying his highly effective methods and processes that have led to his success across many ventures! This engaging and hugely insightful book is a must read for developing leaders and their entire teams! — PAUL FLOURNOY, Senior Business Coach, Last Mile Delivery Industry In his thought-provoking composition, Steven Barnes has created an infinity of knowledge that explores insight and foresights to life’s journeys. This book is a gift to be shared with anyone who loves to be amazed. — Dr. E. E. Barnett


Steven Barnes:
A Glimpse of the Author Steve Barnes, AKA SBB was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. After graduation from high school, he worked for the State of Florida, later joined the U.S. Air Force, and retired after 21 years of service. He is now a Human Resources Manager with the Department of Defense and entrepreneur. Steve pastored for 10 years, managed a radio station, wrote for, and edited a Christian newspaper, led a financial team with a Fortune 500 company, taught at several universities, coached youth sports, volunteered for Hospice, and volunteered as Chaplain at a major hospital. Steve completed an Associate’s of Science Degree in Instructional Technology and Military Studies and another in Information Management, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, a master’s degree in Theological Studies, a Master of Business Administration Degree with concentration in Human Resources, and a Post Master’s Degree in General Business (all but dissertation) with concentration in Organizational Leadership. Steve has extensive training and experience in team building, organizational leadership, management, public speaking, human resources, human behavior, counseling, and positive and critical thinking. Get ready…to get motivated!