We Became

We Became

Eve Francis


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“We Became” is a sequel to Eve Francis’ first Christian children’s book “Beautifully and Wonderfully Made”. This story shares what the same children from “Beautifully and Wonderfully Made” became when they grew up. The reader(s) will learn about the occupations/careers that these youngsters chose as grownups and how they overcame their physical/mental challenges to become successful adults in their life’s work. This is an interactive book as it contains two games within the story. “We Became” is for children aged 2 years through 12 years of age.


Eve Francis:

Eve Francis loves The Lord and her family beyond measure! She is a loving and passionate wife, mother and grandmother. Eve believes that all children are a gift from God. Every single child is a reward and a blessing! All children are beautifully and wonderfully made! Eve enjoyed a lifetime career centered around children. Her experience with children began as a young girl who babysat the neighborhood children. Later in life Eve started a cherub choir (The Angelics) that she originated for children aged three through second grade. Eve also had a Christian childcare (TenderCare) in her home for children from the newborn age through age five. The forte of her employment was as a Special Educational Assistant. In her spare time, Eve is a Christian concept painter who honors God with scripture supported artwork. Once retired she blossomed into a full-time Christian published author who writes novels and children’s books. Eve enjoys a rich and rewarding life with the love of her life, her husband.
You can follow Eve on her Facebook page Eve Carton Francis and write to her at Eve@CherubChat.com.