A Retirement Guide for Men

A Retirement Guide for Men

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Charles O. Jones


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Charles O. Jones is beyond old at age ninety, but he’s still in reasonably good health. He walks, talks, laughs, exercises, and makes the bed—and he has plenty of wisdom to share about making the most of retirement. In this guide for retired men, he shares some of the lessons he’s learned about enjoying life after full-time employment. Get answers to questions such as: • How do you develop routines to clean your home? • What steps can you take to maintain personal hygiene? • What can you do to stay physically fit? • Why should you still create an agenda for the day? Retirement is great, but it takes getting used to. While you don’t have to get out of bed, get dressed, comb your hair, and shave, you’ll find yourself much better equipped to enjoy life when you keep doing all of those things—at least on most days. Whether you’re recently retired or getting ready to make the leap, you’ll find valuable guidance in A Retirement Guide for Men.


Charles O. Jones:
Charles O. Jones is an emeritus professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He previously taught at Wellesley College, the universities of Arizona, Pittsburgh, and Virginia, and Oxford University. He has written numerous books on the U.S. Congress, the presidency, political parties, and public policy. He has served as editor of the American Political Science Review and as president of the American Political Science Association. He is married with two sons and three grandchildren.