Alive and Still Kicking

Alive and Still Kicking

Terry Gordon


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Whether it be racial injustice, political unrest, climate change, starvation, or mass shootings, the world is an extremely scary place. Terry Gordon, however, likes to look at the lighter side of life, which he does in this memoir. He shares his observatoins of daily life along with a little off-the-wall sense of humour to put a smile on your face. He also shares life lessons, such as: • Take a few minutes at the end of every day to reflect on what you accomplished and think about how to make tomorrow a better day. • Each one of us can improve, whether it’s through kinder words, thoughtful actions, or avoiding getting angry at others who are not having a good day or are plain ignorant. • If we all did a little to help others by listening, giving, and being respectful, the world would be a much happier place. Learning is a lifelong adventure, and if the author can learn something new every day, so can you.


Terry Gordon:
Terry is still working in the construction industry and even after 52 years, still enjoys the daily stress/challenges tossed his way. Life has become easier as time goes on and through family and friends laughs and smiles a lot more each day. Still enjoying the passion for photography, travel, and golf.