The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance, Volume I

The Digital Journey of Banking and Insurance, Volume I

Disruption and DNA


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This book, one of three volumes, showcases the effective transformation of companies providing banking and insurance services. This first volume gives a business-oriented introduction to the setting and the current challenges of fintech, regtech, and insurtech and provides an outlook on what will be needed in the future. Specific sub-departments in financial services are examined with a view to accounting, risk, and regulatory segments. The book also addresses the importance of cultural aspects of the coming digital transformation with an eye to requirements that will enable a digital bank or insurance company to thrive in 2025. The angle shifts over the volumes from a business-driven approach in “Disruption and DNA” to a strong technical focus in “Data Storage, Processing and Analysis”, leaving “Digitalization and Machine Learning Applications” with the business and technical aspects in-between.