Introduction to Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

Introduction to Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

A. P. Schaffarczyk


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This book offers an introduction to the topic for professionals and students with a diverse range of backgrounds. Wind Turbine Aerodynamics is a self-contained textbook that shows how to progress from the basics of fluid mechanics to modern wind turbine blade design. It presents the fundamentals of fluid dynamics and inflow conditions, as well as extensive information on theories describing the aerodynamics of wind turbines. After examining a number of related experiments, the book applies the lessons learned to blade design.

The text of the 2nd edition has been thoroughly revised, with a focus on improved readability. The examples and solutions have been extended to explain each problem in much greater detail.


A. P. Schaffarczyk:

Alois Schaffarczyk received his Ph.D. in Statistical Physics from the University of Göttigen, Germany. Prior to this, he spent six years in the industry, solving practical problems in fluid mechanics. He joined the UAS Kiel in 1992 and began his career in the wind turbine community in 1997, specializing in CFD, experiments and blade design. Professor Schaffarczyk has lectured on the subject in e.g. China, Morocco and Norway. He has participated in a number of prestigious IEAwind annexes and held the function of sub-task manager at MexNext.