How to Draw Adorable

How to Draw Adorable

Joyful Lessons for Making Cute Art

Carlianne Tipsey


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Create cute art!

Learn how to make anything and everything cute in this hands-on, creative workbook from artist Carlianne Tipsey. With fun lessons on how to draw irresistible faces and animals—and convert everyday objects into charismatic characters—How to Draw Adorable includes visual tips, step-by-step examples, and design theories that can be used by beginning and advanced artists alike. Reference images and practice sheets help you dive right in and discover your own sweet style. Whether you’re coming up with new characters, decorating your world, or learning to draw for the first time, this handy guide gives you all the tools and skills you need to put the awwww in adorable!


Carlianne Tipsey:

Carlianne Tipsey is an award-winning children’s book illustrator and mentor.

She began her career working in games for Disney Interactive, where she got to draw princesses all day. She later worked as a Senior Illustrator for KiwiCo, a kid’s creativity company.

For the last ten years she has helped mentor her colleagues in illustration and has taught children complex STEM concepts with cute and simple illustrations. She is perhaps best known on Instagram and YouTube, where she teaches simple cute art tips to help anyone learn how to draw.

In her free time (what’s that?) she enjoys wrangling her two beautiful children and reading them books she has illustrated. When the lights go out, she’s back to work creating tutorials to inspire other artists to create their own cute stuff. Because the only thing better than cute art is LOTS of cute art.