Sometimes I'm a Baby Bear, Sometimes I'm a Snail

Sometimes I'm a Baby Bear, Sometimes I'm a Snail

Ways to Say How We Feel

Moira Butterfield


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Today I'm a baby bear
I want to hug.
I wouldn't mind a cuddly squeeze.
I'm baby bear, so yes, please!

Developing emotional and social intelligence is a huge part of young children's development, and parents are often left grappling with how best to discuss feelings of shyness, social anxiety and physical boundaries with their children. In Sometimes I'm a Baby Bear, Sometimes I'm a Snail, author Moira Butterfield deftly broaches the many different feelings children face – from feeling cuddly like a baby bear or playful like a puppy, to wanting some peace and quiet alone, like a snail curled up in its shell. Through these charming animal comparisons, we see that all feelings are valid and are given tools for how to respect boundaries. Gwen Millward's lively illustrations bring every emotion vividly to life. A final spread provides extra tools to parents and carers to help young children express their feelings in a calm and constructive way.


Moira Butterfield:
Author Moira Butterfield's list of children's books includes a number of internationally successful titles spanning non-fiction and fiction for all ages up to 11. She has been highly commended by the US Library of Congress for her work, and her books have featured on the national UK school curriculum. Moira lives in Bath, UK.