The Urban Prepper's Guide

The Urban Prepper's Guide

How To Become Self-Sufficient And Prepared For The Next Crisis

Jim Cobb


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Prepare for future worst-case scenarios while learning to be self-sufficient every day.

It's become clear that even in the twenty-first century our comfortable lives can be disrupted at a moment's notice by events far beyond our control. Whether these are global disasters like a pandemic or a continent-spanning war, or local catastrophes like wildfires, floods, power outages or even food-and-essentials supply issues, you need to know how to respond to a wide variety of emergencies.

Written by Jim Cobb, an authority on prepping and disaster readiness, The Urban Prepper's Guide will introduce you to techniques and strategies that can prepare your home and loved ones. These simple measures – designed specifically for urban and suburban dwellers who have tight budgets and limited space – include:

• Water – how to safely store and purify water
• Food – how to store, preserve, and cook food in an emergency
• Shelter – how to shield yourself from the elements without power
• Medical – how to be prepared for injuries and illnesses
• Security – how to protect your house and valuables
• Communication – how to stay informed in an emergency
• Every Day Carry – how to be ready to handle problems wherever you are
• Home Safety – how to protect against fire and other accidents
• Financial Preparedness – how to start planning on a tight budget
• Soft Skills – how to think clearly and communicate effectively in a crisis
• Emergency Evacuation – how to be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice
• Mindset – how to develop a survivor's mindset, and all that entails
• The First 24 Hours – how to handle everything when the worst happens


Jim Cobb:
Jim Cobb is a professional prepping instructor and blogger. The author of a series of successful titles including Prepper's Home Defense, Countdown to Preparedness, Prepper's Long-Term Survival, and The Prepper's Complete Book of Disaster Readiness, he lives in the Upper Midwest of the USA.