Aleksei Balabanov: 'Brother'

Aleksei Balabanov: 'Brother'

Ira Osterberg


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KinoSputniks closely analyse some key films from the history of Russian and Soviet cinema. Written by international experts in the field, they are intended for film enthusiasts and students, combining scholarship with an accessible style of writing.

Ira Österberg's KinoSputnik on Aleksei Balabanov's cult film Brother (1997) examines the production history, context and reception of the film, and offers a detailed reading of its key themes.

Balabanov’s Brother made a mark on the new Russia’s film history as its hero Danila Bagrov quickly gained cult status and the nostalgic rock soundtrack hit the nerve of the young post-Soviet generation. This study unravels the film’s effective and ingenious mixture of genre elements, art narration and almost documentary-style realism, which would become trademarks for Balabanov’s oeuvre.

Primary readership will be among film studies students and film enthusiasts, but will also be of interest to anyone researching or studying film soundtracking.

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Ira Osterberg:

Ira Österberg is post-doctoral researcher of Russian culture and cinema at the Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies, Aleksanteri Institute at the University of Helsinki, Finland.