Max Your Money

Max Your Money

Larry Hayes, Rachel Provest


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Max Your Money introduces the subject of money and finance to older children.

Broken into three key sections – Earn it, Grow it, and Use it, the book guides young readers through essential concepts relating to money which will help them become more financially astute and confident about money matters as they enter their teens. Complex information is presented in bite-size chunks and with the use of engaging infographics and illustrations to ensure it is engaging and age appropriate throughout. The book also explores the topic from a moral and philosophical perspective, offering the reader a holistic understanding on how to become a financially responsible person.


• EARN IT - Why some people get paid more than others; Max Your Earnings; Max your Money top tips; A load of ideas (to earn money NOW); Why don't kids get minimum wage?; How to stay safe working online; Money Maxxers; The future: What jobs will disappear?; Jobs of the future; Future proof yourself.
• GROW IT - Investing (Warren Buffet, genius or luck?); Diversification; Financial markets; Investing v gambling (Gamestop? Bitcoin?); What can go wrong - boom and bust; financial markets; Bitcoin/Tulips; Budgeting and planning for the future: mortgages, stocks and shares, pensions; Saving v investing. Compounding; Borrow it: How to use debt; Pay day loans; Risks and rewards of gearing; How to become an entrepreneur - start a business; Why every kid should give it a go.
• USE IT - Spending money; Needs and wants; Psychology of spending; Advertising/selling tricks; Can I afford it vs how can I afford it?; Why do we pay tax?; Spend it right: ethical spending and putting your money where your mouth is; Bank accounts + ways to pay - cash, card, mobile phone + Bitcoins; Buying safely online; Scams, and how to spot them; How to spot a fake banknote; Donate it - how to give well/effectively.


Larry Hayes:
Larry Hayes is a children's writer and author of How To Survive Without Grownups. He is also a father of two with a day job of running an investment fund.|||Rachel Provest is a private equity director based in Singapore who has been working in the financial industry for more than 20 years.